JasmineLeigh Perkins

2677 Old Bainbridge #522

Tallahassee, FL 33303
(954) 934-5710

To secure a job with a communications firm where I can use my writing, editing, and organizational skills.

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
I’m currently studying Communication Studies with a concentration in Corporate Communications with a minor in Sociology

GPA: 3.8 / Expected Graduation: August 2016


Relevant Courses

Technical writing 2000-How to properly compose formal letters

Advanced composition 1643-How to eliminate grammatical and punctual mistakes

Debate 1122 -Contention in argument to discuss questions of public interest

Video Production-How to make a video

Public Relations- Practiced managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public

Marketing- How to communicate the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling the product or service

Graphics 1611-Computer classes providing knowledge of word processing, desktop publishing, and Web software.

Newspaper Staff Member, The Daily

·        June 2012 – Aug 2013. Features editor of campus newspaper.

·        Aug 2013 – Present. Researched information for news articles using library and Web sources. Composed and edited informational articles, columns, editorials, and advertising copy.

Staff Member, 90.5 WANM, FAMU’s College Radio Station

·        Aug 2012 – Aug 2013. Assistant Program Manager. Developed radio playlists and implemented special radio promotions.

·        June 2012 – Present. DJ. Hosted a weekly radio show and assisted with radio station promotions.


·        U.S. Media Association Scholarship recipient
Scholarship based on academic achievement, community service, and campus participation and leadership in college projects and studies.

·        2012 Best College Newspaper Design winner
Florida Journalism Education Association Contest

·        President of college chapter of Future Communicators of America (FCA), 2012 – 2013
Member, 2012 – present.

·        Treasurer of Student Debate Team, 2012 – 2013


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