Why Did I Choose To Go To A HBCU

After attending a Black College Tour covering HBCUs in Alabama, Georgia and Florida during my junior year of high school…I was completely sold that I was going to a HBCU. At that time I had convinced myself that I would attend a HBCU and not a predominantly white institution because I admired seeing African-Americans as a whole bettering them educationally. From this experience, I felt that the sky was the limit; if African-Americans could assist one another in obtaining an education then African-Americans could accomplish any vision. It was very empowering!

So I began a search to choose a HBCU that my parents and I could agree on because I felt destined to be a part of such an experience. They too, attended a HBCU, along with one of my brothers and various family members. And after much discussion with family members, friends and most importantly graduates of Florida A&M University, we decided this is where I’d give it a try. But my work wasn’t done.

I had received a full ride to an out of state HBCU and my father needed to be convinced why he would willingly pay tuition for me to attend another HBCU. So we traveled to attend FAMU’s infamous “Set Friday” and he was completely sold. From the cheerfulness of the students to the administration rules and guidelines and some financial assistance as a Pharmacy major; we were convinced that FAMU was the place for me.



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  1. jesicahmitchell1
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 20:39:34

    I like that you took your time and consulted with friends and family about your college decision. Choosing the right college is a big step to greater things in life and you want to make sure your time and money it well spent. I have never heard of the HBCU college tour before. That is very interesting. It must have been a great experience. If I had known about the tour, I would have gone too. You have very good reasons why you wanted to go to an HBCU and they are the same for me too. I think it was right to involve your parents in your decision. Parents should be more involved in their children’s education. Thank you for sharing!


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